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"Author  Michael Aloi brings to life his love of children and dogs and hopes it inspires others to experience

the joy of having a pet and the positive impact it can have on all of us, especially children" .... Amazon Publishing

Hear the voices of Charlie and Chuck brought to life! 



Anyone who has a four-legged family member understands the superpowers our pets have. Now imagine if we could spread

that positive spirit of love, peace, and happiness to everyone. It might just make the whole world a better place. A boy named

Chuck  soon discovers his own personal happiness and self-assurance when he meets his new furry best friend Charlie. Together, they embark on a mission to spread joy and happiness to everyone.

This is a heartwarming tale showing us what we can accomplish if we believe in something and someone we meet (even if that ‘someone’ is a dog) helps us make that dream come true.


The book includes positive affirmations to help all children improve their self-confidence and empathy. It also helps to promote     the spirit of pet adoptions and all of the organizations that are sheltering animals awaiting adoption.

Helping Animal Shelters
*****A portion of the profits will go to animal shelters to help animals awaiting adoption*****

About the Author - Michael Aloi


Michael Aloi is a singer/songwriter from Westchester County, NY. He has dedicated a large portion of his life to working with special needs children. His belief in the therapeutic power of music has led him on a path to thousands
of concerts for children in hospitals and special needs facilities over the past 25 years. He also recently started a non-profit, called Songs for Smiles, to get other musicians to work with children across the country. Running a close second to his family is his love of animals. He is so excited to now bring his creative talents to children’s books. His first book, “Charlie and Chuck,” brings to life his love of children and dogs and hopes that it inspires others to experience the joy of pets. 

Amazon Reviews

amazing 4 star.jpg

Wow , I can’t recommend this book enough Charlie & Chuck is a must have for children, filled with fun life lessons. My Granddaughter was captivated by it . I truly believe this book will be a household name similar to the Giving Tree. Paul D.

amazing 4 star.jpg

Wonderful Story that underlines the characteristics of positivity, confidence and friendship.

The story is very well thought out which makes it very enjoyable and easy for a child to read. It has great illustrations and a great message. Very uplifting! It was a pleasure to read and I highly recommend it to anyone for their child/children. Jonathan

amazing 4 star.jpg

Believing in yourself!

From the moment I started reading this story I knew it would be one I would want to share with my granddaughter and students. What makes this book so special, is children can relate to the main character. All of us go through times of anxiety, and this shows how a child starts to problem solve with help from his family due to to his missing dog. Definitely add to your collection. Denise

amazing 4 star.jpg

It reminded me of my own favorite books from childhood.

Michael has tapped into something universal here!

Simon R.

Great 4 star.png

Great read for all ages!

William V.

amazing 4 star.jpg

A must buy. I received this book as a gift for my children, they absolutely loved it! if you're looking for an inspirational book to help with self esteem this is the book! Guaranteed they will not put it down. Nicole M

amazing 4 star.jpg

Feel good book with a wonderful message for kids. We received this book as a gift for our 7 year old son. He read it in one sitting and it really kept his attention! This book highlights kindness and illustrates how even kids can problem solve and work to change the world! Amazon Customer

Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 9.20.29 AM.png
amazing 4 star.jpg


Great Read and Inspirational. Great message and good feel book for children of all ages. This book embodies important life lessons in a children’s book. Communicates confidence, happiness, empathy, compassion and the unconditional love of pets which enrich our lives.

Doreen M. 

amazing 4 star.jpg

Seriously one of the best ones we have read for a while!

I am a teacher and early literacy/reading specialist. One of my private tutoring students and I stumbled upon your Charlie and Chuck book, and I need to tell Michael that we are absolutely LOVING it!  (Both of us)  :)  It is amazing, entertaining, kind, relevant, and uplifting. Seriously one of the best ones we have read for a while!  (Of course, we are both dog lovers.). Sandra C.

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